Summer Rental at Monument Beach - More Pictures

Here are some more pictures and descriptions of the cottages and area. Click on an image for a larger version of the picture, in a slideshow format for that group of pictures.

View from the public beach, looking north towards the cottages.

Almost the same view, but from the corner of the yard, looking mostly north at the cottages and the yard.

This is looking south and is the first view of the cottages you will have when driving up. The main cottage is in the center of the picture, the studio cottage is the one on the left.

From the middle of the yard, looking south towards the beach. The railing is the corner of the deck off the main cottage.

From between the cottages, looking southwest at the mooring field of Monument Beach Marina.

From between the cottages, looking south at the beach.

This is the yard and Phinney's Harbour. Taken from the deck and looking mostly west.

From the yard looking southwest at both of the cottages and the main stairs up.

From the yard looking southeast at the main cottage and the second set of stairs up.

This is the gas grill. In the background is Shore Road. The little cottage is to the right, and the main cottage to the left.

Outdoor shower under the little cottage.

This was a screen shot from Google Maps showing the end of Monument Ave. It's rotated 90 degrees so it fits in this space and I marked the property.

The table is by a picture window. This window faces south and looks over the public beach and marina.

The living room. This picture window faces west looking over Phinneys Harbour and has gourgeous sunsets.

The kitchen. Though it is small, it is clean and new. This little window faces east and the main entrance is just to the right, out of the picture.

Another shot of the table, looking back at the front door of the cottage. You can see the little cottage in the background.

The table and couch again, but it really shows the views out both picture windows.

The larger bedroom with a queen bed which also has a large closet. The windows face west and north.

The other bedroom with two twin beds. There is also a small closet, and the windows face north and east.

The bathroom is small, but it is clean and new. The small window faces east.

The tub has a new tile surround.

This is the south facing side of the main cottage with the picture window that faces the beach.

This is the main door into the cottage and opens into the kitchen.

Facing north, this shows the deck on the west side of the main cottage, with the second set of stairs.

This studio has a comfortable loveseat overlooking the water and a small table by a picture window looking out over the beach.

Another picture showing the loveseat, but also showing the door and the northwest corner of the cottage. The window in the picture is the one looking out over the harbour.

This shows the queen bed and the door to the bathroom. The windows behind the curtains look out at trees and Shore Road.

This is the little bath.

This is the shower in the little bath.

This shows the view looking west through the windows, out over the deck and Phinney's Harbour.

This is the west side of the little cottage which shows the picture window facing the harbour.

This is the north side of the little cottage, taken from the stairs.

From the deck, looking south at the public beach.

This shows the houses along Monument Ave from the public beach. (Monument Ave is obviously on the other side of the houses.)

Taken from about 6 houses up from the cottages. You can see the main cottage at the end of the road.

This is the top of Monument Ave looking northwest, showing the tennis court and playground. Phinney's Harbour is in the background.

This is the top of Monument Ave looking southwest, showing the fields, tennis court and playground. Phinney's Harbour is in the background.

This is playground, which also has a small public beach.

Another shot of the playground.

This is the "entrance" into the neighborhood. This photo is taken from Shore Road. If you were in your car, you would be heading west, and Shore Road would turn 90 degrees to the left.

Monument Beach Pizza.

Becky's Bakery.

Whistle Stop Ice Cream.

The train tracks are now unused, except for the "Dinner Train" which makes an occasional Friday or Saturday night ride down to the Falmouth border.

These are all sunsets on Phinneys Harbour. (I like taking pictures of sunsets.)

This also shows the crescent moon and Venus.

These photos of sea birds were all taken along Monument Ave, the public beach and the around the marina. (I like taking pictures of birds, too.)

Blue Heron


Semipalmated Sandpiper








Least Sandpiper

Greater Yellowlegs

Canadian Goose

Snowy Egret


Green Heron

Semipalmated Plover

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